Malicious Mother Syndrome

Malicious Mother Syndrome

As pointed out by “alfaqual” and others, the bad behavior that is the subject matter of this video is not attributable to one gender.This video is not partic…


22 comments on “Malicious Mother Syndrome

  1. kyndrad777 on said:

    The presumption of shared parenting time is not always the best answer. The issue that must be addressed is how much are the children suffering at the hands of these parents. I know a father who had physical custody and thwarted appropriate medical care for his daughter just to spite his ex-wife. He lied to doctors after being forced to get their daughter medical attention. 9 years later, as mom suspected, that child had Muscular Dystrophy. Such extreme cases don’t support shared custody.

  2. Larisa God on said:

    what music is this????

  3. intrigued njv on said:

    Please watch video and see what I go through as we need to stop this before it gets to late­­Y

  4. on said:


  5. AboveAllGlassTO on said:


  6. Lucy Allan on said:

    This was written by a social worker…….they hate mothers.

  7. Tyomies1979 on said:

    Wow, this is exactly what my ex-wife is engaging in. It is good to know that there are others out there who understand how ill equipped the courts are at dealing with this. Part of the problem seems to be that “no fault” divorce exists, but there is still a presumption that the father somehow destroyed the marriage and needs to pay one way or the other.

  8. ynotawoody on said:

    Notwithstanding my personal experience, I generally agree with the forgoing commentary and expressed same within the YouTube “Description” field. Thanks.

  9. alfaqual on said:

    What you are describing is narcissistic and borderline behavior. This is not attributable to one gender. Everything you describe herein is quite common in high conflict divorce when one parent is an abuser. Your research and mislabeling is flawed and your labeling is misogynistic.

  10. I agree with an earlier comment regarding “this is narcissism”, I certainly have studied it a great deal. The best answer to this problem is, a presumption in law of shared parenting. That is in case of divorce, the rule would be that both parents will get equal time with the child(ren). In the law there will be no favored parent without fact backed reason. This may also curtail the divorce rate itself. I am a father that has lost his daughter to the biased system and to a narcissistic woman.

  11. 25Faceless on said:

    So do you all think outlawing divorce would help solve these problems of parental alienation and outragous behaviors of ex husbands and wives? Or do you think it would stay the same?

  12. thomas marr on said:

    with my son he was continually under schools special ed program MD diagnosed him PTSD put him on prozac. The police dept., who wrote in their report dad had hands on daughter neck told CPS, NO dad never touched daughter, who reported it to Mediator. I had police reports, md reports, witnesses, mediator refused to see any of it, CPS and Mediator did not confirm info but passed as fact to Superior Court. I advised the court judge they refused to comment on it. CA good ole USA.

  13. thomas marr on said:

    Ok look I wont say mom’s dont retaliate, but I can tell you I know of cases where men were molesting the child, mother left as protector child went to dad and was molested more. Personally, my daughter was choked, he admitted to police putting hands on her neck, my son was hit – eye witness said beaten. I asked police to investigate they said no. I had to get their OWN roster where the 3 eye witnesses called 911. I got them to testify in letter to court through attorney. see next post.

  14. classaction666 on said:

    We know what you have been doing to our fathers
    in your corrupt family courts you sick mother fuckers.

  15. This is narcissism, not “malicious mother syndrome” (over diagnosis?) and both genders are involved, not only mothers. This could also describe psychopaths, histrionic and borderline personality disorder etc, basically superficial, selfish people with little or no empathy and don’t think/care about the real impact of their actions.

  16. Is this the one?
    Howard Earl Gardner’s (1943-

  17. Most attorneys & women’s supporters advise moms to make False Abuse Allegations as normal, primary means to win custody & divorce, winner takes all. 3/4 of divorced DADS in my area experience false allegations PLUS parental alienation.

    Most parental alienation accompanies HER false allegations resulting in mothers having sole custody with most dads alienated from their kids.

    Most GAL’s & other court hangers-on support the rot lest they lose their seat at this banquet on children’s flesh.

  18. laberthier on said:

    Total and utter rubbish – there is no “Dr.” Turkat at either of the institutions mentioned at the end, the address listed is fake, and not even the city where either institution is located. Lastly, the only place you can find this “Doctor’s” name or any reference to so-called “Malicious Mother Syndrome” is on websites displaying this so-called “paper”. Get the truth at stopfamilyviolenceDOT O R G

  19. OneEyedJack1970 on said:

    Whoa, this sounds just like my mother. I didn’t even know my own phone number until I was 12 years old. That’s the year I went to go live with my dad.

  20. David Allan on said:

    As a divorced man I have been through hell. My x decided to move my children thousands of kilometers away so I could not afford to regularly visit or have any sort of stable relationship with them. This is well needed research. I am so glad someone has braced the subject. The truth is in Canada this is an epedemic.

  21. Penfold200 on said:

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  22. booooboooo2010 on said:

    Thanks I bookmarked it. Great info

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